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Environmental Claims

2021 - Ad Standards has updated Interpretation Guideline #3 (Environmental Claims).

Influencer Marketing Research 2021

2021 - Check out our latest consumer research, conducted in conjunction with Caddle Canada.

Responsible Advertising To Children

2021 - A coalition of Canada's largest advertisers, food and beverage brands and manufacturers and restaurants announced their commitment to a Code and Guide to govern the advertising of food and beverage products to children. The commitment was made by four leading industry associations. Learn more.

Influencer Marketing Updates

2021 - Ad Standards has released updates to both Interpretation Guideline #5 and the Influencer Disclosure Guidelines. Interpretation Guideline #5 speaks to the obligation under the Code to disclose when there is a material connection between the influencer and a brand. Updates to the Influencer Disclosure Guidelines provide more examples of what triggers the need to disclose a material connection, and how to make that disclosure.

Preclearance Check Mark

2021 - We are excited to share our updated Preclearance Check Mark logo, newly re-designed to communicate in digital, video and print formats that an ad or information message has been vetted by our Clearance Services.

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