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President and CEO
Catherine Bate (Toronto, x 225)

Chief Legal Officer
Shelley Samel (Toronto, x 253)

Director, Member Relations
Randy Sageman (Toronto, x 241)

Communications Lead
Jessica Yared (Toronto, x 227)

Accounting Manager
Astrid D’Sanges (Toronto, x 251)

Code & Standards Services

Director, Standards (National)
Yamina Bennacer (Toronto, x 249)

Director, Standards and Communications (Quebec)
Danielle Lefrançois (Montreal, x 260)

Senior Law Clerk
Monique Gagné (Toronto, x 238)

Standards Coordinator (Quebec)
Claire Palardy (Montreal, x 261)

Clearance Services

Clearance Directors

Clearance Analysts

Clearance Services Support

General inquiries

Media inquiries

Accounting inquiries

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Twitter: @AdStandardsCan
LinkedIn: Ad Standards

AdChoices Accountability Program

Toronto Office

Ad Standards
33 Bloor Street East, Suite 303
Toronto ON, M4W 3H1
Phone: (416) 961-6311

Montreal Office

Ad Standards
505 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, Suite 1250
Montreal QC, H2Z 1A8
Phone: (514) 931-8060

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