Advertising Preclearance

Be confident that your messaging meets all advertising regulatory standards.

Preclear Your Ad Before it Goes Live




We have been providing preclearance services to advertisers since 1972. As additional categories of broadcast advertising were identified for review, we expanded our service at the request of both industry and government. Today, we provide our assessments in six unique categories:


Ad Standards preclearance is a fee-based, objective and independent advertising copy review and advisory service.

Ad Standards Clearance Service Analysts provide advertisers with the confidence that their advertising messages comply with applicable sectoral legislation, regulations, codes and guidelines. Review services are available in both English and French and are carried out by analysts who are experts in their respective fields and have extensive knowledge of advertising and communications. Each Ad Standards analyst is dedicated to working collaboratively, consultatively and responsively to help advertisers meet applicable regulatory requirements and industry guidelines.

All advertising and information we receive from a submitter is confidential, and we take this commitment very seriously. Read our Commitment to Confidentiality.

To reach a member of the Clearance Services team, call 416-961-6311 or email

Nancy Marcus
Former Chair of the Ad Standards Board of Directors
Former Chief Marketing Officer, Kruger Products

Filmed and posted in 2019

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