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Welcome to the Ad Standards Member Centre!

Here, you'll find information for and about members of Ad Standards.

Ad Standards' members include leading advertisers, advertising agencies, media organizations and suppliers to the advertising sector. This member support is the cornerstone of effective and responsible advertising self-regulation in Canada.

Member support enables Ad Standards to reach out and communicate to consumers about the importance of the Code and the value of the organization. Research consistently demonstrates that consumers report greater trust for an advertiser when they know it is a member of Ad Standards.

Through membership, your organization:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to responsible advertising self-regulation;
  • Communicates corporate responsibility through support for the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards;
  • Plays a role in positively affecting consumer trust in advertising; and
  • Participates in setting and maintaining relevant and contemporary advertising standards.

Ad Standards members can take advantage of reduced fees when attending many of our seminars, workshops and events, scheduled throughout the year. Ad Standards' advertiser members also receive discounted rates for Ad Standards Clearance Services (for advertiser members).

Filmed and posted in 2019.

If you'd like more details about becoming a member, see Why Join Ad Standards or contact Randy Sageman, Director, Member Relations (

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