For more information on membership contact:
Randy Sageman
Director, Member Relations
416-961-6311 x 241

Why Join Ad Standards?

Ad Standards members are part of a community of leading advertisers, agencies, media companies, professional service organizations, and other organizations involved in advertising in Canada.

Ad Standards is a gateway to consumer trust.

Simply being a member of Ad Standards demonstrates an organization's commitment to truth, fairness and accuracy in advertising, and strengthens trust between the public and the advertising industry as a whole.

Years of consumer research consistently demonstrate that consumers are more likely to trust ads from Ad Standards members.

Other advantages of supporting Ad Standards:

Make your mark in the industry.
Help steward the development and direction of advertising self-regulation in Canada.

Be proactive.
Lean on the expertise of our staff to ensure all of your advertising content complies with relevant regulations.

Stay on top of the most pressing issues in ad regulation today.
Receive national and international industry highlights with our curated Market Intelligence Reports, exclusive to members.

Level up and maintain your team’s knowledge of ad regulations.
Access customized training sessions tailored to your industry and needs.

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to truth, fairness and accuracy in advertising.
You may use the Ad Standards Member logo on your website and corporate communications materials, and will have your corporate logo and URL listed on our website.

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"As one of Canada’s leading retailers, we strive to meet the highest standards in our advertising and consumer communications. I know that by supporting Ad Standards we are supporting a system that encourages accountability of all advertisers and increases consumers’ trust in advertising."

Eva Salem Vice President, Marketing, Canadian Tire Corporation and Ad Standards board member

Together we can ensure a robust advertising self-regulatory system in Canada!

For more information on supporting Ad Standards, contact:

Randy Sageman
Director, Member Relations
416-961-6311 x 241

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