The Check Mark
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About Us

Strengthening trust between the advertising industry and the public for 65 years.



Ad Standards is the only national not-for-profit advertising self-regulatory organization in Canada. Our mission is to ensure advertising in Canada is truthful, fair and accurate.

Supported by our members, we enhance legal compliance and ethical advertising practices, and build the public’s confidence in Canadian advertising across all media.

How We Accomplish Our Mission


We review all consumer complaints against the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, which sets the criteria for acceptable advertising in Canada.


We provide training and resources to marketing, legal and business leaders, focusing on issues relating to self-regulation and advertising clearance.

Global Connections

We participate in initiatives and exchange learnings with a global network of advertising self-regulatory organizations.

Compliance Plus programs

We administer programs intended to exceed current legislation requirements for specific types of advertising.


We provide advertising preclearance and the use of our Check Mark logo for six regulated sectors. Preclearance services ensure compliance with specific sectoral legislation, regulations, codes, guidelines and/or industry guidelines.

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