The AdChoices Accountability Program

Ad Standards, the national, independent, not-for-profit advertising self-regulatory body, is responsible for developing and managing the compliance mechanisms for the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (the DAAC) AdChoices Program. Ad Standards' compliance efforts help to ensure participating companies achieve the requirements set out in the DAAC Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising (the Principles). Details about the AdChoices Accountability Program can be found online at Online Behavioural Advertising Compliance Procedure.

Ad Standards' responsibilities under the DAAC AdChoices Program include:

  • Monitoring participating companies' websites for compliance with the Principles;
  • Accepting and handling consumers' complaints concerning possible non-compliance with the Principles;
  • Working collaboratively with participating companies to achieve compliance; and
  • Publishing compliance reports.

Ad Standards published its fourth AdChoices Accountability Program Compliance Report in July 2019. To read the latest report, click here

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