Media Literacy Week

October 25 - Check out our new video for teens on how they can spot influencer marketing content in their social feeds. Watch the video.

We're hiring!

October 6 - We are seeking a Health Products Advertising Preclearance Copy Reviewer. Read the job description.

The State of Advertising Perceptions & Attitudes

May 30 – To understand Canadians’ attitudes toward advertising we conducted research with Numerator, exploring four topic areas: 1) acceptability of advertising; 2) commercial brands and industry sectors; 3) what is considered unacceptable and offensive; 4) the importance of advertising rules and regulations.

Read the report.

AdChoices Compliance Report 2021

April 25 - Today we released the 2021 Compliance Report under the AdChoices Accountability Program, demonstrating Participants’ continued compliance with the principles governing Interest-Based Advertising. Click here to learn more about the Program.

Consumer Complaint Procedure Update

March 24 - Effective April 1, 2022, Ad Standards is removing the limitation of accepting only 10 complaints per ad. All complaints received will now be considered by staff. While the number of complaints received  does not change how the Consumer Complaint Procedure is applied, this procedural change is in keeping with our mandate to build public trust in advertising. It also will help Ad Standards more accurately report concerns raised by the public. See the updated Procedure.

Advertising Dispute Procedure Notes

January 4 - To clarify aspects of our Advertising Dispute Procedure, we have created a new resource page: Procedural Notes. Procedural Note 1 explains how to create an acceptable submission to launch a dispute between advertisers under the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

Preclearance Check Mark

We are excited to share our updated Preclearance Check Mark logo, newly re-designed to communicate in digital, video and print formats that an ad or information message has been vetted by our Clearance Services.

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