Clarification re Ad Standards’ Role in Political Advertising

Advertising Standards Canada (Ad Standards) is receiving many questions about recent billboard advertising promoting the People’s Party of Canada. The billboards in question were originally posted, and were pulled down, by the host media.

Ad Standards encourages any entity responsible for the content of political and election advertising to comply with the principles set out in the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards (the Code). Although we were not consulted about the advertising in question, Ad Standards offers a consultation service for any entity engaged in the development of political and election advertising to assess compliance with the Code.

Ad Standards, as Canada’s national advertising self-regulatory body, administers the Code. Political and election advertising is excluded from the scope of the Code. We therefore cannot accept complaints about the advertising in question for adjudication to determine whether or not it complies with the Code.

You can find more information about how Ad Standards addresses political and election advertising in our Advisory Regarding Political and Election Advertising:

Ad Standards Advisory

Review Ad Standards’ updated Advisory Regarding Political and Election Advertising

Interpretation Guideline #6

Ad Standards introduces new Code Interpretation Guideline regarding government, political and election advertising

The Code

See the updated Canadian Code of Advertising Standards

Advertising of Vaping Products

The regulation of vaping products (with or without nicotine) in Canada falls under the mandate of Health Canada, through the provisions of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act or the Food and Drugs Act.

Questions or complaints about advertising of such products should be directed to Health Canada’s Tobacco Control Directorate at:

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The Code
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