Frequently Asked Questions about Preclearance for the Responsible Advertising of Food and Beverage Products to Children


What services does Ad Standards provide?

    • Review of advertisements in all media for food and beverages
    • Consultation services for new product launches or new advertising concepts
    • Consultation services for the launch of sponsorship campaigns as well charitable initiatives or educational campaigns

How will I know my copy has been approved?

Your approved submission will be sent back to you with a one year Ad Standards approval number. This number signifies to carrying media that the copy has been approved. The approved copy may include restrictions on the placement of the advertisement.


How do I submit copy?

    • Step 1 Go to the Clearance login page
    • Step 2 Login or Create a new account
    • Step 3 Enter your submissions online. (For copies in languages other than English or French, please provide a translation.)

How long does it take to make an evaluation?

Regular service: Two business days* from receipt of copy
Priority service: One business day* from receipt of copy

* One business day is equal to 24 hours (business days only)

What criteria are used to clear copy?

Who can I talk to about copy clearance?

Call Ad Standards at 416-961-6311 press 3 and a customer service representative will assist you immediately.

Do I need clearance by any other bodies?

Ad Standards Clearance Services reviews advertising in 6 different categories. Preclearance services ensures compliance with specific sectoral legislation, regulations, codes, guidelines and/or industry guidelines. For television advertising, in addition to obtaining an Ad Standards Clearance number, prior to airing, commercials must be approved by thinktv to ensure their standards are met. Contact thinktv for complete details.

thinktv clearance provides commercial review services for its broadcaster members.

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