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Advertising of Vaping Products

In Canada, the regulation of vaping products (with or without nicotine) falls under the mandate of Health Canada, which has created an overview of the vaping products regulatory landscape.

While advertising of vaping products is not prohibited outright in Canada, it is very much constrained by the limitations of the Vaping Products Promotion Regulations. These Regulations prohibit the advertising of vaping products or vaping product-related brand elements by means of ‘advertising done in a manner’ that ‘allows the advertising to be seen or heard by young persons’. This prohibition is very broad and applies to most advertising, including public places, such as recreation facilities and public transit, broadcast media and online (including websites, social media, text messages and other digital platforms).

In addition, all permitted vaping product advertising (other than point of sale signage and advertisements where a province/territory requires a health warning) must include a prescribed health warning on the health hazards of vaping. Be sure to check on the provincial requirements of the province in which you intend to advertise to see if different health warnings are required.

Questions or complaints about advertising of such products should be directed to Health Canada’s Tobacco Control Directorate.

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