Administration of the Code for Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising

The Code for the Responsible Advertising of Food and Beverage Products to Children (“Code for Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising” or CCFBA) will be administered by Ad Standards beginning later in 2023. This will be done in two ways:


  1. Pre-clearance Services: Ad Standards will introduce preclearance services for advertisers subject to the new CCFBA and its Guide to facilitate compliance in all media. Under the Code, our analysts will apply these new requirements in the context of the pre-existing regulatory framework.Script review will be similar to how food scripts are currently analyzed: Each script is reviewed by two analysts for thoroughness and consistency. Scripts are assessed for compliance with the CCFBA and in accordance with the Guide. This review will be in addition to review for compliance with the food regulatory regime, if requested by the advertiser.In the case of broadcast advertising, any child-directed commercial would also require clearance from the Children's Advertising Clearance Committee. Advertising that does not comply with the CCFBA would not be approved.Upon rejection or request to resubmit, advertisers may be required to amend the manner of presentation or proposed time and place of the ad in order to obtain approval.


  1. Complaint Response and Compliance Reporting: Advertising that is not precleared and approved by Ad Standards under the CCFBA may be subject to consumer or competitor complaints. Beginning later in 2023 Ad Standards will accept and evaluate any complaints submitted by the public; noncompliance may be publicly reported.
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