Ad Standards Corrects Information of Leaked Document Regarding LNG Advertisement

STATEMENT – May 28, 2024

Ad Standards’ President & CEO, Catherine Bate, issued a statement today in response to numerous reports resulting from a leaked document about a consumer complaint.

“As Canada’s not-for-profit advertising self-regulatory organization, with a mission to ensure advertising is truthful, fair, and accurate, we treat all complaints and the complaints process very seriously.

It has become incumbent upon me to correct some of the public allegations made that were patently false in connection with a decision made by our Standards Council regarding complaints against certain LNG advertisements by Canada Action Coalition.

As reported, a decision about the advertising in question was made by Standards Council on January 30, 2024. Any allegation that Canada Action Coalition knew about the decision or was obligated to withdraw their advertising in January is categorically false. In fact, the advertiser and complainants were only informed of the decision on May 7. The advertiser then responded with a request for an appeal, as is their right, within the required timeframe. Complainants were similarly informed of Council’s decision and then of the appeal request.

Throughout the process, Canada Action Coalition has responded promptly, adhered fully to the complaints procedure, and provided fulsome responses.

It has been alleged that Ad Standards does not publish decisions of Standards Council. This too is false. It is important to keep in mind that the complaints process takes some time, and decisions are not published right away; no decisions are published until the appeal process has run its course. Unfortunately, due to staffing shortages and a significant surge in complaints, Ad Standards has been experiencing a backlog. We are working diligently to rectify this situation.

Confidentiality is required by complainants throughout the consumer complaints process. Due to egregious violations of confidentiality in this case, by the leaking of this decision which was not final, we will only be advising the advertiser of the outcome of the appeal.  We will not be able to report the results of that decision publicly, or to comment further.”


Media contact: Jessica Yared, Communications Lead, | 416 961-6311 X 227

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