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Why Self-Regulation is Critical to the Ad Industry

Ad Standards has a unique role and a broad scope of responsibility.

Our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of legal and regulatory requirements to advertise almost any product or service in Canada in a truthful, fair and accurate manner.

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“By supporting self-regulatory advertising standards our industry could ensure that consumers can trust the brands, their messages and the media carrying the ads.”

Stephan Loerke CEO, World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)

Our work furthers progress in advertising self-regulation both at home and globally, and benefits the entire industry in the following ways:


  1. All advertisers, agencies, and media are held to a shared standard of creative yet responsible advertising and levels the playing field among competitors.
  2. Trust between industry and government is strengthened by facilitating collaboration between parties.
  3. Education and training provided by Ad Standards is a proactive measure, saving time and money.
  4. Supports an efficient complaints service that is cost-free and available to the public.
  5. Self-regulation offers industry a voice in its own governance, while complementing existing legislation and regulation.

The industry has a shared responsibility to help ensure a responsible and effective advertising and media landscape. I think that starts with supporting a robust self-regulatory environment, which is exactly the role of Ad Standards.

Greg McLelland EVP & CRO, Corus Entertainment

Did You Know?

  • Members ensure important self-regulatory mechanisms, such as Ad Standards’ Consumer Complaint Procedure, continue to operate.
  • Your support helps us champion self-regulatory solutions to emerging advertising concerns.
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