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Toronto Office: (416) 961-6311
Montreal Office: (514) 931-8060

Jani Yates (Toronto, x 222)

President and Chief Legal Officer
Catherine Bate (Toronto, x 225)

Director, Member Relations
Randy Sageman (Toronto, x 241)

Office Manager/HR Manager
Jennifer Finjan (Toronto, x 224)

Communications Lead
Jessica Yared (Toronto, x 227)

Accounting Manager
Astrid D’Sanges (Toronto, x 251)

Code & Standards Services

Director, Standards (National)
Yamina Bennacer (Toronto, x 249)

Director, Standards and Communications (Quebec)
Danielle Lefrançois (Montreal, x 260)

Legal Counsel
Leore Rosmarin (Toronto, x 243)

Senior Law Clerk
Monique Gagné (Toronto, x 238)

Standards Coordinator (Quebec)
Claire Palardy (Montreal, x 261)

Clearance Services

Clearance Directors

Clearance Analysts

Clearance Services Support

AdChoices Accountability Program

Toronto Office

Ad Standards
33 Bloor Street East, Suite 303
Toronto ON, M4W 3H1

Montreal Office

Ad Standards
505 René-Lévesque Boulevard West, Suite 1250
Montreal QC, H2Z 1A8

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