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Ad Standards Clearance Services analysts provide expertise across five regulated advertising categories. Our analysts are always happy to answer your questions. Previously posted questions, accompanied by analysts' responses, can be viewed by clicking on each of the following advertising categories:


For any questions not listed, please send your inquiry to:


Ad Standards Disclaimer

Finally, there are a few important points to remember. First, Ad Standards' brief answers to your questions do not replace, and don’t carry the same weight as, Ad Standards' formal response to the advertising material you submit to us for approval. You must still submit advertisements for approval. To be safe, be sure to submit them to us before, not after, you’ve produced the advertising. Second, it’s not possible for Ad Standards to provide totally comprehensive and all-inclusive answers to your questions. What you’ll read here are specific answers from us to your specific questions. Even a slight change in the facts could alter our response. And third, it should be understood that our answers to your questions are intended to provide nothing more than guidance. In the same vein, Ad Standards disclaims liability for any errors, inconsistencies or omissions.

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