Advertising Preclearance for Consumer Health Products

We’re for accuracy. Both offline and online.

Ad Standards provides clearance for digital advertising.

As more of your marketing dollars move online, show consumers they can trust what you’re saying. Review your digital advertisements with Ad Standards Clearance Services.

Ad Standards has been reviewing consumer-directed nonprescription drug advertising since 1997. We have since expanded this service to include preclearance for natural health product advertising, vaccine advertising, medical device advertising, and prescription drug direct-to-consumer-advertising (DTCA) and direct-to-consumer-information (DTCI).

We also work closely with industry and Health Canada to develop guidelines that help advertisers understand and apply the principles governing health product advertising in Canada.

Ad Standards Clearance Services offers consultation services for new product advertising launches and new advertising concepts in both English and French.

For more information about consumer health product advertising clearance services, contact


Join Ad Standards today and save on clearance services, including digital, and get access to confidential, objective advice from consumer health regulatory experts.
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